6 Of The Best Types Of Mountain Bikes In 2018


Getting the perfect mountain bike for you or your loved ones is a hectic process. That’s why we have done our research and come up with the 6 best mountain bikes in 2018 to make your work easier. So enjoy yourselves and have fun riding along the bike trails and enjoy an adventurous life with your friends and family.

1.Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike 360

This is an amazing product from the Mongoose Manufacturing Company. Mongoose Dolomite bike is fitted with great wide tires that will give you that extra balance and speed. Not to mention the big tires will turn heads around each time you move and make everyone be interested in where you got the bike. The big tires are 26” in diameter and 4” wide thus providing you with that wide base to cover a bigger area. Additionally, the front and rear disks provide you with the perfect all condition breaking that will allow you to break more easily and evenly. The Shimano rear derailleur with approximately 7 speeds makes it easier for you to climb hills without straining so much and using a lot of pedal power. The bike is fitted with twist shifter which makes it easy for you to change and shift the gears allowing you a smooth and easy ride. Also, the bike is fitted with a thread-less headset which is easily adjustable. Additionally, the bike is equipped with lightweight alloy rims that make the bike strong but are not that heavy and keep the weight of the bike down. The bike can easily ride through any terrain whether rocky, hilly, snow and sand as the wheels have enough grit to provide you with a smooth ride.

2.Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike 204

Are you looking for that rugged, good-looking and cool look for a bike? Then this bike from the Kent manufacturing company has got you covered. The bike has that rugged, sleek look that will make you the envy of the other riders all throughout the ride. The bike is customed with an aluminum metal frame that provides it with needed strength and durability and still maintains that rugged look. Moreover, the aluminum metal is quite light and keeps the bike on the less heavy side and makes it perfect for you when riding. Also, the bike is fitted with alloy made rims that make the wheels stronger and super lightweight to give you that extra speed when riding. The front and rear disks of the bike are equipped for braking simultaneously giving you balance whenever you break abruptly and ensures that you are safe. Also, the bike is fitted with Shimano 21 speed shifters that have rear tourney derailleur that allow you to move up the hill with ease.

3.Dynacraft Speed Alpine Eagle Mens Road 103

Are you looking for a comfortable bike that will always keep you yearning for more bike rides? Then look no further as the Dynacraft manufacturing company has got you covered. This bike is equipped with padded handlebars and saddle to ensure that you have the utmost comfort when riding your bike, making a great commuter bike. The handlebars are fitted with great grip to ensure that your hands don’t slide each time you are riding the bike. Additionally, the front and rear wheels are fitted with v-brakes that allow braking more evenly and give you that sense of confidence whenever you are riding the bike. Also, the bike comes with Shimano speed index derailleur that will boost your bike confidence and balance whenever you ride the bike. Moreover, the bike is equipped with an adjustable seat that adds extra comfort to you whenever you are riding and want to shift gears and position.

4.Vilano Blackjack 40

If you are looking for a little Do it yourself project then look no further than the Vilano blackjack mountain bike. This amazing product is from the Vilano manufacturing company and it comes with an assembly menu on how to assemble it yourself. The Vilano mountain bike comes partially assembled and it is super fun to get your hands dirty and engage your mind in solving the pieces of the puzzle. If you are worried that you won’t be able to figure out all the pieces you can take the bike to your nearest bike stored for assembly. Nothing shows authenticity like a handmade bicycle that is made from the most durable material and provides you with service for a lifetime. The bike is fitted with double-walled alloy wheels that are lightweight and durable and they provide service for a long time. The Vilano manufacturing company has the utmost faith in their products that they have backed it up with a one year warranty.


5.New 2018 Diamondback Cobra 40

The Cobra 20 mountain bikes are designed to serve your kids for a long time as they are designed to grow along with your kids. The bike is fitted with a Shimano 6 speed drivetrain that makes changing the gears of your bike quite easily. Also, this allows your bike to move downhill with ease and climbing of the hills quite an enjoyable experience. Additionally, the bike comes with a one year warranty and the cobra manufacturing company has the most friendly customer service that is ready to answer any question that you may have regarding the model bike.

6.Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike 32

experience a softer and easy ride with the Merax falcon mountain bike. The bike is designed with shock absorbers to absorb any tension and impact while riding through rough terrains and rocky hills. Also, the bike has an ability to promote contact between your wheels and the ground thus allowing you to maintain balance when moving through slippery grounds and turning sharp corners. The Shimano 21 speed derailleurs and shifters allow you to enjoy a smooth ride downhill, and to smoothly glide on flat and smooth surfaces. Also, the Shimano speed derailleurs allow you to have that angled and more power when moving up the hill without using a lot of pedal power. The bike is fitted with high-grade durable handlebars that allow you to have control of your bike and give you confidence when riding the bike all the time. Additionally, the saddle is padded with smooth material that allows comfort whenever you ride the bike.


I hope we covered some of the best types of mountain bike in 2018. Now it’s your turn to hit the road and locate your nearest bike store and get yourself a cool mountain bike that is suited for you.

All the best and have fun!

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