Mountain Bike Hacks you Should Know


Below are some hacks every cyclist should know to make cycling even more interesting. Most of the things you need are at your disposal thus you don’t have to worry about having to spend your money on buying any of them.

1. Inner tubes make perfect resistance bands- Don’t throw away the inner tubes after changing your tyres. You can use it to stretch your legs before and after heading out for a long ride. This sets your mood for cycling and prepares your leg muscles to prevent straining them.

2. Tape two toothbrushes together for cleaning the chain- You can use old toothbrushes and all you have to do is tape them together using a tape on the handles. They really clean the chain thoroughly because they get inside the links and remove the blocking dirt perfectly.

3. Store small amounts of lube in travel-size containers- This makes it easier to pack lube and fit it in your tool kit that you should never leave behind because you never know when you will need it.

4. Clipless pedals can be used as bottle openers- If your pedals are Clipless then you don’t have to keep on carrying a bottle opener to open your beer and other soft drinks. You can just improvise and use the pedals.

5. Store the small tools in glasses case- Sometimes it’s very hard to trace the small tools like the tire levers and the multitools when you put them separately inside the tool kit. That’s why storing them inside the glasses case come in handy because retrieving them becomes very easy.

6. Store sunscreen in contact lens case- Carrying the whole bottle of sunscreen can be very cumbersome and it takes so much space. You can always put some daily amount in a contact lens case for easier packaging.

7. Wrap some tape around your pump to give you a better grip- Most pups are very slippery and they keep on sliding off your hands. Wrapping some tape around the tape gives you a better grip when you are pumping the tires.

8. Add salt to your hand detergent for a good scrub- Your hands are likely to be greasy when you are repairing or clean the bike. Adding salt in your hand wash detergent act as a scrub to get rid of the grease without having to use too much energy to scrub it off.

9. Use metal pins as chain holders- All you need to do is to curve the pins into a c-shape then use it to hold the chain together when you are repairing it or splitting it into the required size.

10. Use a business card to align the disk- Aligning the disk brake caliper using your eyes and free hand does not guarantee you perfect alignment. You just need to insert a business card inside the caliper in between the rotor and the pads. Then squeeze the brake lever and mount the caliper bolts and you will definitely see better results. You can try doing it without a card and then with a card to tell the difference.

11. Clean your hydration pack bladder using baking soda– If you ever notice some awful smell coming from the bladder of your hydration pack, all you need to do is mix some baking soda with warm water and rinse it thoroughly.

12. Put some bin liners in your tool box- These liners come in handy when you need to pack your wet clothes if you don’t want to ride with dripping clothes. You can also use them to line leftovers instead of just throwing them on the way to conserve the environment.

13. Use alcohol wipes to clean the disk rotor- Contaminated disk rotor can cost you a lot of time to clean and using the wrong tools to clean them might cause further damage. Using alcohol wipes makes the cleaning process easier and it guarantees you the safety of your rotor.

14. Use WD40 to get rid of scuff marks on the frame- This substance can be used to clean tough stains that are as a result of greasy substances. However, you should be careful not to apply other parts of the bikes because it is not a lubricant and can destroy other parts of your bike if handled carelessly.

15. Use slices of an inner tube to make rear shock volume reducers- All you need to is obtain a damaged inner tube, dust it off and clean it if necessary to get rid of dirt then slice it. Then attach them on the rear tire to act as shock absorbers to reduce the impact created when cycling through a bumpy trail. Feeling every single bump is so uncomfortable and it spoils your cycling mood thus you can’t cycle for a long distance.

16. Trim your ziptie ends- If you have ever slashed your leg on a sharp ziptie end then you are familiar with the reason as to why it is very important to cut those ends. You can use a very sharp knife to get rid of them and thank me later if it has never happened to you. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

17. Buy or improvise a bottle cage holder then attach it on your bike-This makes it easier to access your water when you get thirsty when you are on your move. They are available in the markets in all shapes, designs and colors and they very affordable. However, if you have something that you can use to improvise with even the better because you won’t have to spend your cash.

18. Add a new layer of paint- The metal parts of bikes start to rust after some time and this can accelerate wearing out. All you need to do is coat the parts with a new layer of paint that prevents further damage. Ensure to always store your bike in the shed to prevent it from strong sun rays and rainfall.

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