The Best Giro Mountain Bike Helmets

Cycling is an extremely rewarding sport – you get a great cardiovascular workout, get out and about and also have the chance of reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Unfortunately, in an accident, there is not much between you and the surface of the road.

According to the CDC in 2015, 1000 cyclists were killed, and some 467 000 were injured in road accidents. It is a sobering statistic but not one that should end your cycling adventure. Gearing up with the right protective gear is the first step in protecting yourself.

Giro has been helping to keep cyclists safer for the last thirty years and produce a range of high-performance helmets. With Giro, you are assured of quality no matter which product you choose, but that isn’t going to help you narrow down your options much.

This post is geared around finding the best Giro mountain bike helmets for your needs. We have narrowed down our choices based on utility, performance, comfort, price, and durability.

Giros come in at a wide range of price points so you can expect to pay anywhere from under $100 to a few hundred dollars. For our review, we looked at options at the lower end of the range. The most expensive models are geared at professional cyclists and so not necessary for most people.

Let’s have a look at which ones made our top of the pops list, shall we?

Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

This model is our all-around winner in terms of value. The high level of customization available helps it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

This is some great-looking headgear. It is durable, rugged and offers a level of customisability that is impressive. The Roc Loc 5 Fit System makes it simple to adjust both the tension of the helmet and how high or low it sits on the head.

Heading for very rough terrain? Tighten the tension for an even closer fit and to make sure that it doesn’t get jolted off your head. Out for a more relaxed ride? Loosen it up a little for better airflow and comfort.

This system is so advanced that you can make micro-adjustments to get the exact fit that you want. The system clicks into place at each new setting level so that you know exactly when it is locked in the right position.

Being able to adjust the vertical position is something that is quite unusual at this price point. You have a full 15 mm of room to adjust the settings. All settings can be adjusted while the helmet is in place so that you get the perfect fit.

The arms are ergonomically designed for comfort and also to accommodate eyewear from Giro perfectly.

The dual pod system ensures a comfortable fit over the occipital lobe. The straps are woven into the fit system, ensuring a perfect fit every single time.
The vents help to keep your head cool and comfortable throughout your ride.

This model is the culmination of ten years of research and tweaking of Giro’s popular design. It is 40% lighter than the previous model and extremely durable. It features injection-molding and will last up to 6 600 trips.

· Reasonable price
· Customizable in terms of fit and height
· Excellent ventilation
· Highly durable
· The straps are a little rough

Giro Compound MIPS Bike Helmet

At first glance, this model looks a little different from your typical design. The designers incorporated some of the company’s best-loved features and made a light-weight, compact model that offers superior ventilation.

This gets our vote as being the most comfortable option in terms of ventilation. If you live in a hot area or go for long, taxing rides, this might be a good fit.

It has MIPS tech built into it, meaning that the head is better protected in certain impact situations. It also features the Roc Loc Fit System.

· Lightweight
· Comfortable
· Very well ventilated
· Durable
· Not great-looking

Giro Revel MIPS Sports Helmet

This comes in at the best full coverage shell. It looks good and is extremely comfortable. It features MIP tech which is nice in a model in this price range.

It will work equally well in off-road and urban environments. The injection-molded, full-coverage shell provides a high deal of protection without sacrificing comfort or ventilation.

With 22 vents, your head is kept cooler even on a very difficult ride.

It features an Acu Dial system that makes adjusting the fit a breeze. Ensure that you get a comfortable and stable fit no matter what your riding conditions are.

The polycarbonate shell has been reinforced to ensure maximum durability.

The visor can be firmly secured for protection against the sun and weather. It can be easily removed if you do not want to use it.
Some users report that the size is a little smaller, so it is recommended that you check this carefully before you get one for yourself.

· Acu Dial system allows for a better fit
· Injection-molded polycarbonate structure
· Comfortable
· Well-ventilated
· Good price
· Detachable visor
· Full coverage
· Check the size before you order

There you have our top three choices. The Hex model is best if you want complete control over the fit and feel of your headgear. It is one thing to be able to adjust the tension, but quite a new experience to be able to adjust the height as well.

The Compound model is a bit like the ugly sister. It won’t win a beauty contest anytime soon, but it has a lot of heart. This is the most comfortable option when it comes to air flow.

The MPS Sport is the best option if you are looking for a full-coverage shell. It provides that extra bit of protection if you plan on doing really steep climbs and generally pushing your mountain bike as far as it can go.

Overall, these are all great models – you would need to decide which of the features is most important to you and go from there.

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