What are the types of mountain bikes?

There is more than one kind of mountain bike; there are different categories of bikes. Each category of mountain bike has got its own unique use. Each kind of mountain bike type also has got a different design, weight, etc. So you may want to familiarize yourself with the different classifications of mountain bikes before you even purchase one. This is because the kind of mountain bike type that you buy could depend on your choice and needs.

In more than 20 years of bike development, various mountain bike categories have emerged. With these classifications, you will find your desired bike.

Cross Country bikes

These are made for sports use such as bike races. The performance of the bike is about comfort, it’s about saving energy. Low weight, sporty seating position and high-quality components are part of the specifications.

Dirt Bikes

Trail Jumps on the BMX track or concrete parks in the city – these are the playgrounds of dirt bikes. Hard trails with extremely short angles – with wide, high handlebar and stub stem, often even just a single brake.

Downhill Bikes

yeti downhill mtb

Downhillers are pure competition machines – for full throttle downhill. Uphill you do not stand much of a chance on this bike. Because they only have one chain ring. Even with an Uphill transition: 18 to 20 kilos of live weight, a back-shifted, extremely short geometry and suspension travel around 20 centimetres would spoil the fun of pedalling up a hill. This best area for this kind of bike is closed tracks and bike parks with a lift. When cycling downhill you drive with certain mountain bikes fast downhill. On mostly specially prepared routes, which often lead through the forest, you drive at high speed downhill. Obstacles such as stones, roots or hills must be thereby overcome skilfully. In the shortest possible time a route should be traversed downhill. That requires the highest concentration. Downhill bikes are designed specifically for downhill rides.

All Mountain Bikes

The “one-four-all-bike”. These are fully meant to be used for mountain terrain. All mountains are the classic touring bikes with a balanced uphill and downhill performance. The extra suspension helps with downhill, brings greater driving pleasure and more safety. Therefore, the editorial recommends: In case of doubt, one should rather opt for a plus on travel. Application: Flow, rooting single trails, technical and blocked paths with small heels. Ideal for long tours like the through the outdoors.

Enduro Bikes

Are Enduros the new freeride? In the past, the freeride bikes were too heavy to climb mountains in comfort. The new formula is called Enduro Bikes – Freeride light, so to speak. Is this just a short-lived fashion trend? We do not believe. It is the solution for many bikers who want to find the challenge on challenging trails downhill, but want to reach the mountain first without any collapse.

Freeride Bikes

Just a few years ago, these would have been thoroughbred downhill machines: plenty of travel and optimized geometry for downhill sessions in the roughest terrain. Made possible by very stable and durable components.

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