What are the Different Styles of Mountain Biking?

If you have already read the guide for beginners of mountain biking, you’ve already learned the trails and the skill level required for a person to go through such trails. This time, you will learn more about different mountain biking styles. It is important for beginners to learn about this as this will affect their mountain biking experience. It will give them an idea what to do next and at least know what to expect when they start out their first mountain biking spree.

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This is the most common style of mountain biking since the category itself is not grounded in any specific kind of racing. If you are the kind of person that wants to go to the local trailhead where you can meet your friends, and you love to ride roads that are a combination of descents and climbs, then the trail style is what you should go for. The bikes that are designed for this category are those that put more emphasis on efficiency, fun and a practical overall weight.

This is a riding style wherein it implies that you ride fast, emphasizing the climbing prowess. The distances that you ride through will vary from just a couple of miles up to 25km and more. The bikes designed for this particular trail style are focused on efficiency and lightweight. Such bikes can be amazing if you are thinking about getting competitive in biking or that you like to challenge yourself on a racier ride on the local trails.

Enduro or All-mountain
This style of riding is somewhat like a trail riding while on steroids – there is the bigger climbs that will make you burn your legs more and the descents that make you exert more effort, plus more technical features – both natural and man-made. The bikes designed for enduro/all-mountain trail type is focused on performing well on very steep descents while also emphasizing lightweight and that it is nimble enough that you can pedal uphill comfortably.

The word ‘enduro’ is taken from the world of racing. This defines a competition that has downhill stages that are timed and uphill stages that are untimed. The winner goes to whoever gets the fastest time combined from both at the downhills. The enduro riding style has become popular as of recently, and this term is now often used with all-mountain style interchangeably whether you are up for racing or not.

Park or Downhill
This riding style is usually done at the lift-serviced parks for the bike, usually at the ski resorts during warmer months. You are to ride big and tough bikes wearing full body armor and helmets. The bikes designed for this style focuses on fewer gears and durable components. Its suspension provides more travel, which pertains to the movement of the suspension itself. With all of these characteristics in place, it will help you conquer wooden ladders, rock gardens, berms, and jumps, given that you are already on the descent for the whole time.

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